Welcome to our Collective Dream

Experience a NOMAD Week

at Farm of Consciousness

Farm of Consciousness invites you to step into a Holistic Experience over the coming months in the middle of nature.

A nomad week in the heart of nature can be a truly transformative experience. Imagine waking up each day to the sound of birds singing and the gentle rustle of leaves in the wind. You spend your mornings doing yoga and meditation, connecting with your body and grounding yourself in the present moment.

As the day progresses, you take long walks through the lush wilderness, breathing in the fresh air and immersing yourself in the beauty of the natural world. Along the way, you stop to practice mindfulness, observing the small details of the environment around you and finding peace in the simplicity of it all.

In the afternoons, you might participate in workshops or classes that focus on holistic healing, such as aromatherapy, herbalism, or energy work. These practices help you to balance your physical, mental, and emotional bodies and to connect with your inner self on a deeper level.

As the sun sets, you gather around a campfire with the other nomads, sharing stories and bonding over the shared experience of living in nature. You end the day with a relaxing soak in a dry sauna. take a plunge in the river or lake, letting the water soothe your muscles and clear your mind.

Throughout the week, you find yourself becoming more and more attuned to the rhythms of nature, and you start to notice how this connection is positively impacting your overall well-being. You leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Earth’s Doors are open for you through this space to come and co-create with us an intentional community where people can see and feel life as it really is – in the natural flow and guided by the Universal Law of Love.

How It Works

For registration, you can contact us through facebook page or whatsapp – +40770274455

What can you experience while being here?

A Network of like-minded people

We are social beings and we enjoy the presence of like-minded individuals. Here, at Farm of Consciousness most of us are entrepreneurs that are living the dream in nature, building bussiness and a freedom for future generations. Would you like to learn more? Book your NOMAD Week. See you soon.

Starlink Satelite Internet

We know how important is for NOMADS to be connected with the world and work from any space and place with maximum speed of a broadband, that’s why we have the best internet in the WORLD. Starlink is the world’s first and largest satellite constellation using a low Earth orbit to deliver broadband internet capable of supporting streaming, online gaming, video calls and more.

Knowledge Games

We open up to the group through circles of intention designed to facilitate communication and closeness to other participants – Integration Game, Dix It, Confessions Game & other.

Full Body Workouts

A simple practice for physical and emotional release. We will experience postures that will help us become aware of our body, relax it and prepare it for daytime activities. From Yoga to Mace Flow we have a lot of surprises in our sleeves of sports and activites.

Chromo Therapy Sauna

One of the features that saunas commonly include is chromotherapy. The benefits of this healing therapy include spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental properties, which makes it quite sought-after in this day and age when people seek new means to repair health problems and improve their state of well-being. If you are looking for a space where you can relax and enjoy the benefits of the experience the contrast of HOT & COLD to the fullest extent, continue with us and you will find all the info that interests you.

Breathing and Cold Exposure

We experiment with methods of exposure to the cold in the morning, before yoga. We arm ourselves with determination and concentration, learn to breathe consciously and delve into the cascade of physical and mental benefits offered by this technique.


We explore the surroundings, learn to connect with nature and land, the primordial elements – Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Ether – embracing what is and simply enjoying the beauty of the area.


EFT Tapping

We will experiment with a simple but very effective method of emotional release, which helps to reduce stress, anxiety and release negative emotions. We balance our energy, we bring attention to the body.

Special Guests

Usually we like to keep it a secret, but we will announce every weekend what kind of activities we will have as extras without saying who’s coming, let the game begin.

Were you will stay?


Yurt, Dome or House

Contribution for a Nomad Week is 111 EUR – Accomodation and Experiences are included.

You can also bring your own food.

If you want to embark in a ONE Month Journey it’s 3+1 – 333 EUR / Month.

What can you experience at the Farm of Consciousness ?


– Learning stones about Permaculture, sustainability and life as it is based on Sociocracy – a Holistic way of organizing communities and groups

– Experiences on the Farm that could help you understand and get to know yourself better.

– You will raise your energy, vibration and level of consciousness though the natural cycles.

– Understand how you can connect to body, mind and soul through activities that will stimulate the power within you.

– You will experience a full spectrum of emotions and learn how to transmute them to a general state of well-being, in a natural and unprejudiced environment

– You will learn simple techniques that you can use every day to improve your existence

– You will be able to connect with people who share your desire for spiritual evolution and coexistence with nature, animals, plants and other human beings.

– 85000 sqm of land

– 2 wells with fresh water

– Electricity from the grid and internet from Starlink Satelite

– 2 houses

– A 140 sqm Mongolian Yurt for workshops and events with a second floor that has 8 places to sleep

– 2 Geodesic Domes of 9 and 10 meters diameter for sacred ceremonies and rituals

– A river with a swing to balance ourselves above the water

– A sera that is half in the ground

– A lot of other surprises that awaits for you to discover them.

To make this the best experience that you can have we recommend you to bring:

– good sleeping bag
– frontal light
– boots (we will also go hiking)
– raincoat (if applicable)
– swimsuit (if you want to swim in the river)

– towel
– slippers
– warm and sporty clothes
– writing and journaling tools (we will do daily journaling)
– whatever you feel you need for the activities we will do together

Presence is the key to freedom, so only in the Now you can be free.

With that being said, will you join us into the NOW?
See you on the other side.


What’s app Us on the site before coming or for any information.