Who are we?

   Farm of Consciousness is an experiment – a semi–open sustainable community located in Hunedoara area that aims to develop the land and prepare the habitat for 8–10 families on an area of + 8ha.

Farm of Consciousness project is a space for growth and RE–CREATION for our energy, while exploring and cultivating Consciousness. We intend to maintain a space of unconditional safety and inter–human support, through holistic lifestyle events, permaculture and sociocracy.

In this space we offer the opportunity to learn and harmonize with nature, for us, our families and those who feel inspired by the power of our example.



Farm Events

Our Primary Goals


  We currently have the following Facilities and Resources:

  • Human Resources with a cultivated Consciousness.
  • 10 individual spaces for houses.
  • 6 hectares of forest.
  • 2 Rivers one small on the property and a large one with high flow.
  • 2 springs of water ready to be picked up and used for the house area
  • 2 houses; one with 2 large bedrooms,shower, basement for storage and smallkitchen and the other house only a kitchen with dining room and bathroom.
  • Large outdoor dining area that connects the houses with a roof
  • agricultural area with flat land near theriver + a large greenhouse dug into theground.
  • Large yurt of 140 m2 + an overlapping levelfor sleeping.
  • Various outbuildings on the property: 6outside toilets, a fountain, showers, a largeshed, parking space, special space for caravans, a natural steam sauna by theriver)
  • lots of nature around 350 acres of wildlifebehind the property and we have no closeneighbors.
  • Workshop space in the form of Geodesic Dome – 10 m diameter

The Future Moment

    • Opening of personal development events, seminars, camps and retreats.
    • Creating practical educational spaces aiming sustainability and permaculture.
    • Creation of Permaculture infrastructure.
    • Renovation of the “All season” kitchen with small dining room and bathroom (Lounge area)
    • Construction and renovation of the hostel house with bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom for 12 people
    • Create the system of solar panels and water heating for energy independence.
    • 3 glamping tents equipped for 3 seasons.
    • Building a geodesic dome that will serve as a temple for spiritual practices.
    • Renovation of the Yurt to create sleeping spaces and new experiences.
    • Outdoor wild gym.

    What to know when you visit us?


    What’s app Us on the site before coming or for any information.