Ecstatic Winter

Every visit at the farm is a transformation that blooms your consciousness into new possibilities. It’s your time to refresh your mind and soul this winter solstice.

There will be 6 Magickal days during which you will be travelling through the complex Universe of your body – mental, physical and emotional, re-programming your cells, cleaning your energy centers, and healing your Soul.

What you will experience at this Solstice Fest?

Ecstatic dance is a free form of bodily expression, in which you are invited to give yourself completely to the rhythm of the music. During the ecstatic dance you move intuitively, relax your body and mind, reaching easily, easily into a state of trance and ecstasy. The trance can also be defined as a meditative state, in which the dancer is devoted to the present moment.

A dry sauna is heating the air around your body directly in an airtight room through the rock using traditionally burning  using woods or stove. Dry Sauna normally operates between 65.6-90.6 degrees Celsius, with the other end being more of the average temperature. When you enter a sauna, the increased temperature causes an elevation in heart rate and increased blood circulation in the body, thus triggering the metabolism process to increase.

The cocoa drink used to be used in important ceremonies in the Mayan and Aztec cultures. From 1500BC it acquired the status of a sacred plant, recognized for its medicinal properties, but also for elevating the spirit. Today, it is considered a superfood, which energizes the body and frees the mind. It can be a hearth-opening, mood boosting and make you focus in a sensual and Ecstatic way, that’s why we use it in Ecstatic Dances.

When women gather, there is collective power to heal, find our voice, rise up and make a difference. We have developed a circle curriculum that provides a safe space for women to trust, love, dream and share. We train and empower leaders to start circles in their local communities so that circles flourish around the globe.

Unblock your voice and claim your confidence. It is time to open your throat chakra and claim your voice and power. Chakra activation for confidently living in your truth and being unapologetically yourself. Your throat chakra is all about you owning your voice and your power. Come with us and explore the spectrum of your voice, together

When a brotherhood circle first gathers, men establish norms, agree on a common purpose, and get to know each other.  Sharing our personal biographies—life stories—is our way of getting to know each other and to build trust. Rather than simply discussing meditation, for example, we engage in it. Instead of talking about sensuality (the five senses), we experiment with the senses. Sometimes our reflections are personal and deep. Sometimes they are quick responses to what we have just experienced.  

At Farm of Consciousness few of our principles are emotional education, forgiveness and expanding the consciousness. These are the main ingredient that makes our community healthy psychologically when challenges and triggers arises. The more we play with these emotional freedom techniques the more joy we bring in our lives and more and more success we experience.

We experiment with methods of exposure to the cold in the morning, before yoga. We arm ourselves with determination and concentration, learn to breathe consciously and delve into the cascade of physical and mental benefits offered by this technique. We always start the Sauna before hand so we can experimente the Contrast between Hot & Cold.

Embodiment is the moment-to-moment process by which human beings may allow awareness to enhance the flow of sensations, feelings, thoughts, images and energies through their bodily selves.
As human beings we are born into bodies that travel fluidly through an infinite range of movement and feeling. Over time, through physical and emotional injury, cultural messages, age, and sedentary habits, our movement expression gets narrower and narrower. We forget the physical freedom we once enjoyed.

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Making Your Vision Come to Life

A Classic Setting on Farm of Consciousness 

The light of the Sun begins a new solar cycle at Winter Solstice. The rays shine into the dark, and nurture the newborn life there to be cultivated. And this is mirrored in nature, as the seeds are buried in the darkness of the Earth, to emerge once again with the life-giving rays of the Sun.

Event Packages

Ecstatic Festival Full Pass

999 lei

  • Is a one Time investment in you of 888 lei for 6 days all inclusive?
  • – 6 days accommodation
  • – 2 meals per day
  • – Access to sauna, all activities and experiences

Ecstatic Festival Day Pass

222 lei

  •  You cannot commit for the whole retreat? Book how many days you need here 

Soul Family Gathering – Xmas

33 € / Day 

  • We have prepared a special after festival party!    You want to join our family celebration for the Xmass and new year’s eve? 

All package require a 25% deposit to reserve and hold requested date

Remaining balance is due 5 days before the event date

Holiday and peak season pricing may vary

Soul Family Tribe Gathering

 We are gathering with intention and visioning to bring into focus what we would like to experience and give birth into being in the coming year.

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