Ecstatic Equinox

Spring Edition

“Embrace the magic of the season and connect with the rhythms of nature at the FOC Spring Equinoxe”

What is the mystery that lies at the heart of consciousness?

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled in the mountains, the people eagerly awaited the arrival of spring, after surviving a long and cold winter they held a festival on the spring equinox to mark the occasion, they decorated the space, set up areas and facilities for a grand feast, and practiced traditional dances and songs. As the sun reached its highest point in the sky, the villagers danced, sang and feasted on delicious food, the children ran around, laughing and playing, the villagers were so happy and joyous, it was as if they had been reborn.

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About Us


 Farm of Consciousness is an experiment – a semi–open sustainable community located in Hunedoara area that aims to develop the land and prepare the habitat for 8–10 families on an area of + 8ha.

Farm of Consciousness project is a space for growth and RE–CREATION. The space where we get our energy, while exploring and cultivating Consciousness. We intend to maintain a space of unconditional safety and inter–human support, through holistic lifestyle events, permaculture and sociocracy.

In this space we offer the opportunity to learn and harmonize with nature, for us, our families and those who feel inspired by the power of our example.

Here at Farm of Consciousness, we offer high-quality learning experiences to our co-workers, volunteers, and participants from all over the world. Providing superior practical service and protecting the quality of the environment are key factors in ensuring equal access to resources.

We always encourage innovation and creativity, therefore if you feel that you are ready to share your knowledge or practice with us in a sustainable development, the doors are open.

Take a deep breath in

A Conscious Holistic Festival 

At our Spring Equinoxe Ecstatic Festival, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in a variety of activities and experiences designed to awaken your senses and bring you into harmony with the natural world.

Community Identity

The feeling of becoming one with your soul tribe will nourish you and give you a new identity of unity.

Here is our Sanctuary

This magical place will offer you much joy and a healing sleep. The Dome was speacially built to give you lucid dreams and heal your self.

Here is The Tribal Temple - The Yurt

This is the place where we go deep during our ecstatic dances and ceremonies.

Here are 2 best friends - Emanuel & Leopold

They will support, empower, entertain, transform and love you during the process of becoming thyself.

Energy Exchange

Late Bird – 1333 Lei

Until 20th of March – only 33 spaces availale

Join us as many days as you need

This is a daily pass to help you adapt to your program and schedule.

All activities and transport from the asphalt road are included.

* Spaces for sleeping are shared ( Geodesic HomeDome & House) – It’s a community experience

* Food – One meal a day included in the ticket. We will cook together and share food.

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